Machines for the production of starter electric motors

The experience gained in the global automotive market has allowed us to increase our technological know-how to face the new challenges of industrialization of starter motors manufactured with hairpin technology. The assembly of these motors requires maximum accuracy and speed of movements; such as the insertion of hairpins into the rotor stack which is guaranteed by ATOP machines due to an excellent control of each phase of the process.

Winding technology:

Hairpin, bar wound



When you choose ATOP as partner for your production systems you will have access to a number of technologies which are unique:

  • High precision and programmable hairpin creation and insertion to manufacture starter rotors.
  • Accurate and flexible hairpin positioning for welding.
  • High speed and precision insulator formation and placement.
  • Advanced process management system for traceability of processes and materials.
  • Starter motor for cars
  1. Load/unload
  2. Pre-assembly
  3. Slot insulation
  4. Winding
  5. Post-winding processes
  6. Check and marking
  7. Transport systems and production management

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