Production Processes

Maximum efficiency and flexibility in every assembly process

ATOP is a leading manufacturer of machines and automatic lines for the production of wound stators and rotors of electric motors. We develop tailored technological solutions for the industrialization and assembly of conventional and/or special electric motors, such as univarsal motors, brushless motors, electric traction and starter. Know-How and innovation are the basis of our modus operandi in order to offer our customers the widest range of customized solutions to meet qualitative and production requirements. ATOP designs and manufactures manual/stand-alone, semi-automatic machines to fully automatic lines and/or systems to ensure maximum efficiency and flexibility in every assembly process. From lab-machines for prototypes to fully automatic lines for series production as regards the processes of lamination staking, slot insulation, winding, wire-leads termination and electric test.

The level of automation achieved allows us to control - during the automatic production cycle - each single machine movement with the utmost accuracy and speed. Essential element for achieving this result is the high precision mechanics mounted on all our units, such as the wire manipulation and termination groups for the interconnection of coils. All robot movements are carried out by means of motorized axes and pneumatic actuators, wich are sincronyzed and controlled by dedicated controllers, developed by ATOP to perform the operating sequences with absolute speed and reliability.

The technological excellence of our products is achieved with winding machines that perform interpolation of the coils through extremely complex wire paths. Our machines are capable of winding stators and rotors with needle, flyer, hairpin or insertion technology, with high-speed multiple stations to achieve maximum productivity. The wire stratification is programmable by HMI touchscreen panel to obtain high slot filling and accurate positioning of the wires. Each path for the interconnection of the coils is performed with maximum accuracy to allow customers to achieve the optimum electronic control of the motor.

When you choose ATOP as partner for your production systems you will have access to a number of technologies which are unique:

  • Winding of rotors, universal and brushless stators: fully programmable wire stratification by means of needle or flyer winding technology for high slot fill and accurate coil wire positioning
  • High speed needle winding with multiple stations to reach maximum productivity
  • Fully automatic single pole stratification winding, assembly, fusing and testing - including vision inspection for the production of brushless stators
  • High precision and programmable hairpin creation to manufacture traction hybrid stators and rotors for starter motors
  • Hairpin insertion and insulation paper positioning
  • Hairpin accurate positioning for laser, TIG and Plasma welding
  • Winding of traction rotors with high speed flyer
  • High speed and precision insulator formation and placement
  • Quick change-over tooling to optimize production changeover times
  • Advanced process management system for traceability of processes and materials

ATOP is the reference manufacturer for all projects that require advanced technological solutions for the production of electric motors, supporting customers in achieving the highest quality and production standards.

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