Research & delevopment

Innovation is the driving force for our growth

The enthusiasm in facing new challenges and the search for tailored solutions with high technological content for electric motors of the latest generation are the main values that make ATOP one of the leading players in the field. Innovation plays a key role in the development of our company. This goal is achieved using all available resources and with the objective of a constant growth and evolution, in order to support customers in the realization of a common project.


More than 490 patents filed

A demonstration of the Company commitment to transform the ideas of our customers into reality, by providing expertise and unique technologies to find the best possible solutions.

Research & Development

In our company R&D grows and evolves constantly

A highly skilled team of professionals with over 40 years of know-how assist our customers, to achieve a reliable partnership for the study of advanced innovative solutions.

Freedom to Operate

ATOP endeavours to adopt solutions that do not interfere with the Intellectual Property rights of third parties. Considerable internal and external resources (calling on the advice of primary Intellectual property firms in Italy and Overseas) are dedicated to assessing and verifying protected state of the art.